With the seriousness of the repercussions of climate change that has influenced the social and ecological changes, Morocco has been trying to address these challenges so as to manage them in the best way possible.

The Moroccan Institute for Advanced Studies offers this interdisciplinary theme which includes, but is not limited to, the issues of renewable energies, clean energies as well as the question of water, due to the severe rainfall deficit and the decline in dam reserves that Morocco has been experiencing over the recent years and which is becoming more and more persistent. Given the direct impact this situation has had on the rural economy, it is essential to raise the issue of agriculture in view of the climate change that the world is currently experiencing. Below are some of the issues to be addressed:

  • The question of water (recycling of waste water, disposal, management, irrigation, etc.)
  • Agriculture
  • Health (pandemics, vaccines, prevention, etc.).