With a very young population, half of which may be under 20 years old in some countries, the African continent has an immense human capital, and an enormous potential of natural resources, including an important source of new energy development. The significant economic development of some countries, the great appetite of African countries for digital means, resources and applications, both in training and in supporting daily life, will be sources of profound transformations in a population that balances tradition and modernity. New, contextualized development models must be created for these countries, which will undergo major short-term societal transformations in these countries. The strong practice and insatiable demand of rising generations for digital tools and objects shows a huge field of development, including a rapid potential development of smart cities, but also demonstrates the difficulty that some populations face in connecting to the Internet. The facilitated access to data and the rapid creation of large quantities of information show that in Africa, artificial intelligence should rapidly allow the development of specific applications, to also encourage the development of future digital professions on this continent, and invent new ways of operating society.

  • Demography, aging, intergenerational perspectives
  • Energy, natural resources and environment
  • Smart Cities
  • Artificial intelligence