The primary mission of the IMEA is to welcome promising and recognized international, junior and senior researchers for research residencies (from a few weeks to a full academic year) in the human and social sciences, at the interfaces with the environmental, life, material and information sciences.

By hosting researchers from different intellectuel backgrounds in residence, the IMEA is a place for scientific exchange and production. During regular seminars, informally in the daily life of the institute, international and Moroccan researchers meet, dialogue and develop collaborative projects. The scientific events of the institute – from the half-day workshop to the colloquium bringing together specialists from different disciplines around a theme – show the variety of possible approaches to the same question and make it possible to assess the conditions of their complementarity.

Each research project of a resident is a starting point for organizing conferences, seminars and doctoral courses, in connection with the various research institutions of Morocco, thus allowing the development of its radiation on a regional scale.