The IMEA aims for academic development, scientific research and innovation, through:

  • Strengthening the international scientific attractiveness with the funding of scientific residencies allowing the invitation of high level researchers from all disciplines within the IMEA;
  • Accompaniment of scientific excellence by linking researchers invited by IMEA and Moroccan research potential, experienced and in training (especially at the doctoral level);
  • Support for scientific innovation with a program generating the creation of emerging, interdisciplinary and innovative research projects of a very high international level within a perimeter of evolving excellence;
  • The promotion of a North-South and South-South scientific dialogue, interdisciplinary, intergenerational, multicultural, intercultural and international, open to the problems of contemporary society;
  • Promotion of research and development activities and training projects;
  • The development of partnerships, national and international, with the social, economic and cultural world;
  • Strengthening the international influence of institutions and research institutions in higher education